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Who are behind it all?
A few words about Valhalla's creators

  • Henning Kure, born 1953

    During the years 1974-1988, Henning was an Album Editor for Interpresse publishers. He took steps to get the Valhalla series started, he contributed to Valhalla No.s 1-6 as a member of the creative team, and to Valhalla No. 7 and later issues as text-writer (No. 10 in cooperation with Hans and Per). Henning knows Old Norse. He writes articles and lectures on Norse mythology, and he is working on a book on the subject. Henning also works as text editor on Disney's Jumbo Book series. He wrote the novel Troldehistorien ("Troll Story"), which was later dramatised as the TV series Troll Tales.

  • Peter Madsen, born 1958

    Peter is the drawing artist among the creators of the Valhalla series. However, he also plays an active part in the writing process during the creation and staging of the stories. Peter directs the colouring. He coloured Valhalla 9, Valhalla 13 (pages 13-46) as well as all title pages and introductory pages himself. Click here to read Peter's biography.

  • Hans Rancke Madsen, born 1957

    Hans wrote the story for Valhalla No. 1 himself, for Valhalla No.s 2-6 with Per, for Valhalla No. 10 with Henning and Per. Hans has made contributions to the rest of the albums as well. He was among the first generation of role-players in Denmark, and he is still one of the best masters in the country.

  • Per Vadmand, born 1944

    Per wrote the stories for Valhalla No.s 2-6 with Hans, for Valhalla No. 10 with Hans and Henning. He has made contributions to the rest of the albums - the versified text in Valhalla No. 11 deserves special mention. Per has created his own comic strip, called Ole & Linda, and he has written the novels Bag døren ("Behind the Door") and Manden der skrev breve ("The Man Who Wrote Letters") as well as scripts for a large number of comics, among them Poeten og Lillemor and the Gunnar series. Per is a translator and a musician as well. Visit his homepage here.

  • Søren Håkansson, born 1957

    Søren coloured Valhalla No.s 1-8 plus Valhalla No. 13, pages 1-12. He draws and paints full time and has made numerous illustrations for Danish weekly magazines, among them Hjemmet. He creates posters, portraits and landscape paintings. He has made both text and pictures for the picture book Jonas og løven ("Jonah and the Lion").

  • Jesper Ejsing, born 1973

    Jesper coloured Valhalla No.s 10, 11 and 12. He is an illustrator who created many book covers and illustrations for textbooks. Jesper's specialty is fantasy, and he has created role-play cards and written several books on live role plays. Jesper's first novel is Jarvis - troldmandens lærling ("Jarvis, the Sorcerer's Apprentice"), which he also illustrated.

  • Jonas Sonne, born 1976

    Jonas coloured Valhalla 14 and 15 digitally. He started out as a graphic artist in 2000 and he primarily produced graphics for interactive television, television games, flash games and computer games. Jonas also coloured the comic albums HC Andersen Junior no.s 1-3 by Thierry Cappezzone, and he made various illustrations.

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