Valhalla The studio Dansk

The Valhalla Movie, 1986

An animated fantasy presenting the Norse gods based on
the comic album series Valhalla.
Direction: Peter Madsen
Co-direction: Jeffrey James Varab
Produced by Swan Film Production for The Valhalla Consortium
in collaboration with The Danish Film Institute.

Thor, the god of thunder, and his companion, Loki, take the two Viking children Tjalvi and Röskva with them across the rainbow bridge to Asgard, legendary land of the Norse gods. Here the children are put to work as servants to the gods. But soon Tjalvi and Röskva meet Quark, a naughty little giant child, and together the three children revolt against the gods' tyranny. They run away and build a wooden cottage, of their own out in the forest. Unfortunately Thor discovers their hiding place. Wanting to take Quark back to where he came from, he forces the children on a journey to the land of the giants. Here Tjalvi and Röskva are involved in a fantastic combat between gods and giants - a combat in which the children come to play a crucial role.
The movie's plot is also told in the two comic albums "The Story of Quark" and "The Journey to Utgard-Loki".

The Valhalla movie hit the Danish movie theatre in October 1986. Before that a staff of more than 100 artists had worked hard on the film for 4 years. The cost: DKR 35 million. (~ 5 million euro). The movie was an instant hit and for several years it was number 3 on the Danish box office list. Valhalla was awarded the
Public' s Prize for Best Children' s Film at the Cannes Festival in 1987.

"Not only is Valhalla the best animated film made in Denmark to this day, it is a true triumph in the history of Danish cinema" Johan Albrechtsen (The Insider)

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