All 15 albums collected in 5 hard cover books,
250 pages of extra material!

Quotes from the Press:

"Peter Madsen's collected works should be in every home."
Bjarke Kirkegaard Nielsen, Kultunaut.

"Everything is brilliantly illustrated and narrated and the
extra material is both extensive and of extremely high quality."
Lars Kim Lund, Geek Culture

"This, ladies and gentlemen, is the top of the pop, and the price
per book( 300DKK) is a pure bargain."
Berti Stravonsky, Seriejournalen

"During the years Valhalla has developed a more and more complex universe. The characters are fully developed and first and foremost
the whole universe is sublimely presented and turned."
Benny Bødker, Dagbladet Information

" Magnificent visual narrative, a cosmology in comic strip form."
Søren Vinterberg, Politiken

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