Peter Madsen
Peter Madsen, photo: Rune Hansen


All lectures are slide shows presenting sketches from early versions of the work in question as well as original finished pages. Peter Madsen talks about his research and considerations while working on the project.
The means of expression in comics
Taking his point of departure in a number of wellknown as well as lesser known comic strips and albums, Peter Madsen lectures on narrative techniques and means of expression. He even gives examples from his own production.
Insights into the process from manuscript to finished page. Peter Madsen shows sketches of environments and figures, outlines the mythical worldview and touches on research into sources.
The Son of Man
Among other things, this lecture is about the "translation process" between the biblical text and the language of sequential art. Peter Madsen looks at various attempts to give Jesus a human face - will pictures make things clearer or rather lead to a deadlock? The focus is on the style of the narrative, the choice of narrative points of view and the environment (research in Israel).
The Story of Job
This lecture is a live recounting of The Book of Job. Peter Madsen discusses various interpretations and throws light on the various contexts of the text.
The Story of a Mother
Peter Madsen introduces Hans Christian Andersen's tale and various artists' attempts at illustrating it, and talks about the process leading to his personal interpretation. Particular focus on narrative rhythm, colouring and the use of symbols.
Practical information
As a lecturer, Peter Madsen must have access to a screen and a remote-controlled slide projector (preferably with slide carrier) on a high projecting table. It should be possible to darken the lecture room. Peter may bring his own slide projector if advised in advance. Talks usually take ninety minutes (sixty minutes, then a break, then another thirty minutes). Other arrangements are possible. Price: DKK 8,000 plus transportation expenses.

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