Peter Madsen

The Signe Trilogy

The trilogy about Signe is a book series about the three most important Christian feasts: Christmas, Easter and Pentecost/Whitsun. Like the feasts, the books are very different from one another. The main character, Signe, grows from book to book, and the books are written so as to allow the reader to grow with her.

Signe's Christmas, 2003 is a picture book about children's thoughts and expectations at Christmas time. A Christmas book for small children - and their parents. Johannes Møllehave has written the poems, and the prose text is jointly written by Johannes Møllehave and Peter Madsen.

The Journey to Jerusalem, 2008 is a book about Easter written and illustrated by Peter Madsen on his own. The Easter Book is richer in words and is intended for readers from 10-12 years and up. The book can be read for entertainment and pleasure, but at the same time it contains so much information and so many facts about Easter that it is possible to use it for educational purposes in schools and churches.

Stroke of the Wing (Vingeslag), 2018 is a graphic novel for young adults about Pentecost.

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