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The Journey to Jerusalem, 2008

Signe has grown - she is now an 11-year-old girl with a great thirst for knowledge. This year her uncle Teo gives her a very special Christmas present:
An envelope with the words "An Easter Journey" written on it. And inside the envelope is a ticket to Israel.
- Your present this year is the story of Easter, he says. And it can only be told properly in the place where it all happened!

The Journey to Jerusalem is a story in words and pictures about Signe's and uncle Teo's trip to a land three thousand kilometers away. And at the same time it is a journey thousands of years back in time... to when the events of Easter took place. Guided by Signe and uncle Teo we learn about the historical, cultural and religious aspects of Easter. And most important: We experience Easter as a story of significance and presence!

Peter Madsen interprets the biblical stories and explains the Christian concepts so that they come alive for both, children and adults.

The Journey to Jerusalem is also a journey to the modern city of today that is deeply influenced by the three big religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. We see some differences, but also some similarities between the three religions and their followers.

"Peter Madsen has written, drawn and painted an Easter book for children which will become a classic. It is a beautiful and educational book." (Johannes Møllehave in The Danish daily Kristeligt Dagblad.)
"It is a spectacular story Peter Madsen has created. Not only are the events of Easter explained, its message is passed on for continued wondering and challenge".(Peter Green Sørensen,

See pages from the book and sketches from the study tour:
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