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Valhalla 10 - The Gifts for the Gods, 1997

Drawn and narrated by Peter Madsen
Based on a story by Hans Rancke, Per Vadmand and Henning Kure
Colourist: Jesper Ejsing
Carlsen Comics, 1997.

"Before dawn, my friend, I'll have conquered her," brags Loki, "and to prove it I'll bring you a lock of her hair!" However, the woman is uncooperative and Loki ends up shaving all her hair off in order to provide the promised sample. Not too clever! His friend turns out to be Thor, the woman Thor's heart's idol, the beautiful Sif from Vanaheim. Loki has to rush out to find a suitable present to make up for the loss of the goddess' head of hair.
A story from Thor's youth.

The story is based on The Prose (Snorri's) Edda. It is a recounting of the myth of Loki's shaving of Thor's love, Sif, and how he must atone his sin by providing the gods with their most important weapon, plus some riches from the dwarves. We also learn how Thor and Sif got married.

The Gifts for the Gods has so far been published in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

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