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Valhalla 12 - Through Fire and Water, 2001

Drawn and narrated by Peter Madsen
Based on a story by Henning Kure
Colourist: Jesper Ejsing
Carlsen Comics, 2001

Thor and Odin have gone to Bjarmland to find out why the Bjarmar people have stopped sacrificing to the gods. They meet the cruel King Geirrod and his two ugly giant daughters, Gjalp and Greip, and before long our two friends are in for it!

Geirrod's alliance with the giants is a dangerous combination that makes even the might of the gods insufficient. But as Odin gets a chance to seek help from Thor, things brighten up a little ... or do they? It turns out that Thor has forgotten his hammer - will he be bright enough to do without it?

Valhalla 12 is a recounting of the myth of how King Geirrod takes Odin prisoner. It is based on the "Sayings of Grimnir", from which a story of the making of the world is included, too. Also, Through Fire and Water recounts the myth of how Thor and Loki fought Geirrod's giant daughters, based on The Prose (Snorri's) Edda.

Valhalla 12 has so far been published in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

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