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Valhalla 9 - The Big Challenge, 1993

Drawn and narrated by Peter Madsen
Based on a story by Henning Kure
With contributions from Per Vadmand, Hans Rancke-Madsen
and Peter Madsen
Colourist: Peter Madsen
Carlsen Comics, 1993.

One must be pretty stupid and arrogant to challenge Thor, the God of Thunder, to single combat. However, this is just what happens one day when Hrungnir, who is considered the strongest of all the giants, sees a chance to get his inveterate enemy down. Thor's opponent has a rather weighty trump up his sleeve, and the God of Thunder realises how lucky it is for him to have a young human servant like Tjalvi ...

The Big Challenge is a recounting of the myth of how Odin lures the giant Hrungnir to Asgard, leading to a major duel between Hrungnir and Thor. The myth introduces Thor's bastard son, Magne. The story is based on The Prose (Snorri's) Edda.

The Big Challenge has so far been published in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

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