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Valhalla 5 - The Journey to Utgard-Loki, 1989

Drawn and narrated by Peter Madsen
Based on a story by Per Vadmand, Hans Rancke-Madsen, Peter Madsen and Henning Kure
Colourist: Søren Håkansson
Produced by Henning Kure
Interpresse, 1989.

Thor and Loki go to Utgard to hand the young giant Quark back to Utgard-Loki. However, the uncrowned king of giants does not wish to take the young troublemaker back unless Thor and his following pass certain tests: a foot race, an eating contest, cat-lifting, emptying of drinking horns - and a dance with and old witch/hag. Everything looks nice and easy, not to say foolishly so. But the giants have prepared a cruel magic trap. And who's to save a god when even the mightiest of them all faces destruction? The animated feature film Valhalla is based on the comic albums The Story of Quark and The Journey to Utgard-Loki.

Valhalla 5 is a recounting of the myth of Thor's and Loki's journey to Utgard, their confrontation with the giant Skrymir and their joust against the giant Utgard-Loki, in which Thor is close to succumbing. The story is based on The Prose (Snorri's) Edda.

The Journey to Utgard-Loki has so far been published in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Faroese, Finnish, Dutch, German, French and Indonesian.

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