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Valhalla 8 - Freya's Necklace, 1992

Drawn and narrated by Peter Madsen
Based on a story by Henning Kure, with contributions from Per Vadmand, Hans Rancke-Madsen and Peter Madsen
Colourist: Søren Håkansson
Carlsen Comics, 1992.

It is springtime, the sun is out and Freya, the love goddess, dances merrily, wearing her wonderful necklace, the Brisingamen. Everybody admires her, and her necklace. Not everybody leaves it there, though. Soon Freya is threatened by a smart opponent who will use any means to get hold of her precious treasure ...

Freya's Necklace is a recounting of the myth of Loki's theft of Freya's necklace at Odin's request. The story is based on Sorle's Saga as well as bits of information from The Prose (Snorri's) Edda about the antagonism between Loki and Heimdall and Freya's unhappy marriage with Od.

Freya's Necklace has so far been published in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

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